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One-way Hanter Cashtronic®MVX

One-way Hanter Cashtronic®MVX
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The one-way Cashtronic®MVX system transports in one direction - all shipments go to the same address: in the safe or cash room.

The advantage of Cashtronic®MVX is the ability to combine single and double sided systems. This makes it possible to save. For example, cash registers can be equipped with one-way budget systems and combine them with two-way systems that are installed in other areas of the store.


In General About the MVX Airmail Platform

The main unit of one-and two-way Cashtronic®MVX systems has the following operating differences:

- ease of programming

- convenient Russian-language menu

- display of information on the display in text form.

 The one-and two-way Cashtronic®MVX systems are reliable and safe to use:

- full control of the capsule movement in the system (registration of departure, passage of sections and arrival)

- capsule delivery notification system

- verification of the presence of the capsule during shipment and delivery (with the “Alarm” function)

- the ability to connect to a PC: the special PC Supervision software allows you to more closely monitor the statistics of departures, while simultaneously monitoring several systems.

Impact-resistant capsules designed to weigh from 2 to 2.5 kg have been developed to transport more cash.

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