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LifeSmart window / door opening sensor (LS058WH)

LifeSmart window / door opening sensor (LS058WH)
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Door / Window opening sensor

The LifeSmart Cube Door / Window Sensor (LS058WH) will allow you to monitor activity in your home, office or safe. It will turn on the light or camcorder when the door opens or closes. And of course, send a message to your smartphone.

Application options:

setting up sensor interaction with smart cameras in your home to take pictures of those who decide to visit you;

light on - the light will turn on automatically when you open the door. Ideal for barns;

Compact design:

the sensor measures just over 3 centimeters and is only 20 grams. The sensor will perfectly fit into any interior, and will not be noticeable to the eye.

Additional features:

when interacting with the controller, the capabilities of the sensor become almost limitless;

when motion is detected, the sensor can transmit a signal to its burglar alarm (if it has relay outputs);

on the sensor command you can you can switch your home to "I'm home" mode.

And what scenario will you come up with?

Certificate: CE, RoHS

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