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Dashcam DOD LS475W

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Main specifications
All specifications
Aperture: f/1.6
Audio : Microphone and speaker (mono) included
Battery: 3.7V Lithium-Po Battery
G-Sensor: there is
GPS: there is

1080p @ 60fps kinematic video recording 

It offers to users a stabilized and continuous video recording at 1080P with 60 frames per second, increasing the amount of details what you can see.

Motion blur reduction

Other drivers go too fast and their license plate numbers might be washed out in the video? Motion blur reduction technology is used to increase the clarity of fast moving objects.

Advanced WDR 2.0 technology

Stunning video in any light and balanced exposure in every condition. Makes night shots brighter and reduces light exposure to achieve the most beautiful image.

Large f/1.6 aperture, high performance in low light

Big aperture reflects the amount of light falling on the sensor when shooting. The larger is the aperture (tsmaller number f), the more light will be captured in the camera sensor. With the widest apperture, which is 66% larger than the competition on the market, DOD cameras produce the sharpest picture.

6G sharp glass lens

The 6-element sharp lens, made from six layers of glass, provides a stunning, clean and undistorted image

Wide angle of view 145°

Image capturing at a wide viewing angle of 145 ° for optimal coverage and clarity. The front camera is equipped with an extremely wide-angle lens, that enhances the range of recording, because the panoramic view of the front of the vehicle captures all sides without distortion (so no distorted image).

Adjustable circular polarizing filter - effectively reduces reflected light

The adjustable filter eliminates the dazzle of the windshield and at the same time increases the saturation. Reduces unwanted reflections and excessive exposure or polarizing effects to ensure the highest quality image and protect your lens.

10Гц процессор скорости GPS

Интегрирован самый быстрым GPS с частотой 10 Гц, записывая более точные данные о местоположении и скорости автомобиля. Позволяет записывать маршрут на карте во время просмотра видео в приложении DOD

Large 3" LCD screen

Large 3" 16: 9 widescreen display - the camera has a large wide-screen display, that offers a bright and large screen suitable for viewing of settings and playing videos directly on the camera's display.

Parking surveillance

You will be satisfied with this parking surveillance even when you park and leave the car. Improved parking mode, which automatically starts 10 minutes after leaving the vehicle. When you continue driving, the camera switches back to mode of recording mode in the loop. With the SONY STARVIS Sensor, you can also enjoy the revolutionary night vision for the front camera and even in complete darkness.

In the case of motion detection of front or rear camera, or at crash, it starts recording of video and locks the file. The camcorder starts recording for 15 seconds before the movement is detected or the impact, what ensures that you will have a record of what happened from the beginning to the end. The condition is that the camera must be powered via a car battery using a set of cables for permanent installation in the vehicle DOD DP4.

You can watch videos like the improved parking mode in this video right here:

GPS processor with 10 Hz speed

Integrated with the fastest 10Hz speed GPS, logging more precise data of the vehicle location and speed. Allows you to record your route on a map while watching the videos in DOD player.

DOD GPS Player V2.0
The new version of DOD GPS Player 2.0 with improved user interface is even with better clarity. It displays FULL HD video recordings with real-time data like vehicle speed, gps coordinates, overload.The internet connection shows the current location of the vehicle on Google maps.

Aperture f/1.6
Audio Microphone and speaker (mono) included
Battery 3.7V Lithium-Po Battery
G-Sensor there is
GPS there is
Nutrition 5V 1A
Operating temperatures -0°C~60°C
Resolution 1920x1080@60fps 1920x1080@30fps
Screen 2.7”TFT LCD
The size 112(D) x6.2(В) x4.5 (G)mm
Video format H.264 MOV
Viewing angle Wide-angle lens: 145 °
Warranty 1 year
Weight 110g

Micro SDHC/SDXC Class 10 (up to 128GB support)


DOD ls475w Lite x 1

Instructions x 1

Аuto x 1

Suction cup mount x 1

CD with software

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