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Drive set ARC 1BH

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ARC 1BH - ARC electromechanical lever operator set for swing gates for domestic use. Sash widths up to 5.00 m; weight up to 500 kg (recommended up to 3.50 m - 300 kg); intensity - 70% (30-60 cycles per day). Depth of installation of shutters is up to 300 mm.


The kit includes:

- irreversible electromechanical lever drive (24 Vdc) ARC 1BH (2pcs);

- electronic controller in the box for swing drives 24Vdc, IP 55, LCU40H (1 pc);

- 4-channel remote control, frequency 433 MHz CRC-CM (2pcs);

- set of photocells, range up to 30 m, N.C. AXP2 (1pc);

- signal lamp, 24V LAMPH (1 pc.).

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