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LUXO 3B Drives kit

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DO IT LX3HL - LUXO Electromechanical Linear Actuators Set for swing gates for home use. Wing width up to 3.50 m weight up to 350 kg (recommended up to 2.50 m -200 kg), intensity - 70% (30-60 cycles per day).


NameLUXO 3B - Electromechanical linear actuator set (220 Vac)amount
LUXURY 3BHIrreversible Electromechanical linear actuator (24 Vdc)2 pcs
D2HLElectronic controller in the box for swing actuators 24Vdc with built-in radio receiver (up to 100 radio controls), IP 55.1 PC
GOL 44-channel radio key, frequency 433 MHz1 PC
LAMPHWarning light, 24V1 PC
XEL 2A set of photocells with racks, range up to 30 m, NC1 PC
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