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Acoustic antitheft antenna Cross Point NEXUS AM30

Acoustic antitheft antenna Cross Point NEXUS AM30
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Main specifications
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Ability to work with CrossCONNECT: +
Advertising panels Optional: Optional
Anodized aluminum frame: +
Built-in visitor counter: + (версiя OPTIMA, LUNA — Опцiонально)
Detection boundaries (mono / dual), m: Tag Ostra F25 (d = 25 mm): 1,2 / 2,5


Anodized aluminum antenna with transparent panels

High-end detection in difficult conditions

The ability to select notifications and signals depending on the type of system operation

Remote service and management information available


NEXUS AM30 systems are aesthetically perfect fit into the interior of your store, ensuring at the same time uninterrupted operation.

NEXUS AM30 is a combined AM (58kHz) anti-theft system, a visitor counter and an effective advertising medium. The system provides maximum detection of hard sensors and labels in difficult jamming environments.

Bidirectional sensors, which can be integrated into the NEXUS AM30 antennas, count visitors entering and leaving the store. This allows you to flexibly manage the planning of staff work and optimize the efficiency of the store. In the event of a system operation, the NEXUS AM30 notifies personnel of the type of alarm for a correct assessment.

When connected to the Cross CONNECT platform, the number of visitors and information about system responses will be available online for further processing. Reports can be sent to your e-mail and information can be integrated into your Information Management System.

Remote maintenance and configuration guarantees maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

Ability to work with CrossCONNECT +
Advertising panels Optional Optional
Anodized aluminum frame +
Built-in visitor counter + (версiя OPTIMA, LUNA — Опцiонально)
Detection boundaries (mono / dual), m: Tag Ostra F25 (d = 25 mm) 1,2 / 2,5
Dimensions (HxWxT), mm NUDA: 1502x302x42 / 34 (base / profile) LUNA: 1516х302х42 / 34 (base / profile)
DR label 0,9 / 1,9
Radio interference detector +
Supertag Sensormatic Tag 0,95 / 1,95
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