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Nedap Gate i37 iSens (mono)

Nedap Gate i37 iSens (mono)
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Main specifications
All specifications
Frequency: 8.2 MHz
Size: 1500mm х 370mm х 40mm
Weight: 10,6 kg
Working temperature: 0-45 ° C

The Gate i37 is a robust, transparent gate specifically designed for harsh environments. The design combines the advantages of an unobstructed customer contact at the checkout with an outstanding label detection performance. All Nedap i-Line EAS Gates are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics that gather valuable information and offer integration possibilities with other security devices: The next generation EAS.

The Gate i37 CC has integrated customer counting sensors. The CC information can be displayed locally, in-store using the !Sense Dashboard or in connected systems via Nedap Retail Analytics.


Equipped with Nedap’s patented OID (Orientation Independent Detection) technology; tags are

detected regardless of their position (front/flat/


Crash resistant against a fully packed trolley

100% transparent design that prevents climbing

Audio and visual alarm signalisation

Integration possibility with other (3rdparty )

security devices via open API

Real-time insight and control within-store and organization-wide dashboards

Remote service

Equipped with integrated advertisement panels

to place posters on both sides of the gate

Frequency 8.2 MHz
Size 1500mm х 370mm х 40mm
Weight 10,6 kg
Working temperature 0-45 ° C
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