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MobileDVR HDVR-8045

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Easy Storage HDVR 8045  is a professional approach to vehicle safety and beyond. It is designed to solve more complex problems than the recorders that we used to see in the car.

The main features of  HDVR 8045  are the ability to record on 4 channels in 1080p resolution per channel. The presence of cameras for installation from outside the vehicle, further expands the scope of 4-channel car recorder  HDVR-8045 .

When a GPS receiver is connected, it becomes possible to track the movement of the vehicle over a certain period.

As an internal memory HDVR 8045 uses an SSD drive. And it is also possible to connect an additional drive via the USB connector.


- 4 channels of 1080p per channel;

- the ability to connect a GPS receiver;

- the ability to connect an external hard drive;

- recording cycle up to 5 days;

- access to the archive via Ethernet or WiFi connection;

- hidden installation;

- the ability to restrict access to the driver;

- built-in WIFI module;

- the possibility of battery life;

- SSD drive as a drive.


Number of video inputs 4 channels

Video compression format H.264 High Profile

Display resolution 1920x1080P

Write speed 120 fps on 4 channels

Bitrate video 0.5 mb / s-4 mb / s

Number of audio inputs 4 channels

Audio compression format AAC

Memory SSD drive, SD card (up to 128GB)

Video recording format AVI

Sensors 1 for speed, 1 for ignition, 3 sensors for brake signal, door opening, turning

Ports 1 RS232 port, 1 RS485 port

Network RJ45, 10M/100M

Operating temperatures -10°C~60°C

Wi-fi 802.11/b/g/n (300Mbps)

GPS An external GPS receiver (optional), can record GPS information along with video and audio.  GPS data format: NEMA0183

Provision to play Specially designed player to play recorded files

Input voltage DC 8В -  DC 32В

Output voltage DC 12B (2A), 5B (1A)

Power consumption

Operating mode:


Working temperature -10 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

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